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"I worked with Janie for three months following the breakdown of my marriage. It was a difficult period for me and I wanted to explore my rough edges and frustrations and see what I could do to modify my approach. 

Janie is a wonderful blend of a true professional who is trustworthy, intuitive, kind and actually very engaging. I felt comfortable confronting my deepest thoughts with her: you can enter into private reflection with complete security. I actually enjoyed the whole process. 

I have learned a great deal about myself with Janie's help and I am so grateful I realise I have made mistakes but am ultimately worthy and decent. I am embracing my vulnerabilities and feel liberated and at peace for the first time in a long while. I'm even beginning to realise this can be an attractive prospect... but that's another story"


"I'd put off going to counselling for a while, but now I wish I'd gone sooner. I found Janie very easy to talk to, and I felt quite at ease from the first time I met her. I had imagined counselling to be a long and difficult process, but I found that after just 9 sessions, my self-confidence and sense of peace had improved dramatically, and I felt more like myself than I had in a long time. It was great to be listened to and understood, and I would recommend this counsellor without hesitation." 


"I decided to seek counselling during a period of depression and having seen a counsellor during several other periods in my life. I was keen to find someone with both experience but also with creativity and flexibility. Fundamentally I also knew that the relationship I could develop with a counsellor would be the key component in whether or not the process would be beneficial. In Janie I found someone who had authenticity, compassion and adaptability.

I saw Janie for an extended period of time and I gradually opened up to talk about some of the most difficult thoughts and experiences I have ever spoken about to another person. I slowly and gradually moved from being unable to believe that my feelings and my experience of life mattered or could ever change, to allowing myself to think that they could and, indeed, that they should. Janie was patient, determined and creative in the different ways she would help me to identify the different aspects of my experience and bring me to fuller awareness of myself.

From a place of being very stuck in my thinking and my relationships (including with myself), Janie has helped me to come to a place of greater peace and acceptance of myself with all of my flaws and my strengths. I feel a new sense of hope and potential for my future and have greatly benefitted from Janie’s thoughtful, compassionate and intelligent approach."


"I wasn’t sure what to do when I managed to get myself into a mess with my marriage and my apparent addiction, I had obviously heard of counselling but never thought I would need it as I could cope with everything in my life.

I found Janie online after reviewing a lot of profile’s and could not of found a better person to help me through a very difficult time in my life. I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel but had to do something positive or continue to sink as I was desperate and very emotional.

Janie was able to listen to me, and I immediately felt comfortable and was able to talk openly with no judgment or pressure. I was able to have conversations about things that I felt I could not talk about with anyone else, she understood my problems and helped me realise that I was not a bad person and I had just lost myself due to lots of different circumstances in my life of which I had not excepted or dealt with.

With Janie’s listening and a little guidance, the whole experience of counselling has helped me to take control of my life again, I have now got my life back and could not be happier.

I met Janie for 12 appointments and never felt pressured into booking, it was money very well spent. I would recommend Janie for anybody who is looking to find their way in life again thankyou again Janie."


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